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Dhadak Bollywood Movies 2018 Download | New Bollywood Movies

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Dhadak 2018 bollywood movies Description:

Madhukar Bhagla “ Madhu” is a young college student who come from a middle class family. He wins a competitive eating contest and gets a prize from Parthavi Singh . She is a strong , rich, independent girl who come from a political family who studies in the same college as Madhu. Madhu impresses Parthavi, but incurs a minor injury. The two start on to have approach for each other, but are ignorant of it.

Madhu back his family dhaba where his father makes him promise to stay from Parthavi  because she hails from a powerful and uppercase family. At college  Madhu ignores Parthavi . But Parthavi latter catches Msadhu. Madhu and Parthavi love each other and begin meeting secretly. Madhu calls Parthavi for a kiss. The later invite him to come to her brother birthday party. They kiss at thee partty but Parthavi family member does not like it. Parthavi father and Brother and politician  Rataan Sings thrash Madhu and his friends, but the inspector told to wait for the election result before any severe action.

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When the election are over, Madhu and his friends are arrested on false case. This case are registered by Paarthavi’s father.  Parthavi request her father to release Madhu and his friends. She hold of a gun and threatens to shoot herself if he isn’t freed. Then Madhu and Parthavgi board a train to Mumbai, where they contracts his uncle and the two travel to Nagpur.

Madhu’s uncle advised him to go to Kolkata in time. So they go to Koltaka and they rent a small room for living. Madhu working a restaurant and Parthavi finds work at a call centre. Once Madhu goes to Parthavi’s Office to give a phone. He sees Parthavi is a happy girl with her manager. Madhu thinks that she is cheating on him. He returns home in heartbroken. After Parthavi come home, they fight sternly; Madhu slaps Parthavi in the heat of the moment. Parthavi begins to uncertainty why she fled with Madhu. Parthavi is for a short time missing, but Madhu finds her in her office, and realizes how much he loves her. He asks for her hand in marriage and they get married.

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In a short time Parthavi becomes pregnant and they contain a son, Adi During the puja for their new house, Parthavi’s brother and his gang arrive with many gifts for her family, hinting at understanding. However, Madhu is not sure and asks Parthavi to keep on back, but she brushes it off in enjoyment. Parthavi leaves her son at home with Madhu and steps out to buy some sweets. As she is walking towards her house, Madhu and Aditya are thrown from the balcony abruptly, with her brother overlooking them. Parthavi cries in shock, as both her husband and son bleed profusely to loss.

Dhadak movie Hindi picture film Release Date:

2018 bollywood movies Official Trailer of Dhadak Movie was released on 11 June 2018.  Full Movie released on 20 July 2018. Dhadak movie was released in over 2235 screens in India and total of 2791 screens of world wide. 2018 bollywood movies Dhadak Apart from India, the film was also released in the Middle East, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Fiji and Pakistan.

Dhadak Hindi picture film Cast:

  • Ishaan Khatter as Madhukar Bhagla
  • Janhvi Kapoor as Parthavi Singh
  • Ashutosh Rana as Ratan Singh, Parthavi’s father
  • Ankit Bisht as Gokul, Madhukar’s friend
  • Shridhar Watsar as Purshottam, Madhukar’s friend
  • Kshitij Kumar as Niranjan
  • Aishwarya Narkar as Madhukar’s mother
  • Aditya Kaumar as Devi Lal
  • Kharaj Mukherjee as Sachin Bhowmick (Sachin Dada)
  • Mustaqeem as Bijnori
  • Godaan Kumar as Roop
  • Shalini Kapoor as Parthavi’s mother
  • Vishwanath Chatterjee as Inspector Shekhwat
  • Hempushpak Arora as Principal Sir
  • Jahnavi Dave as Anuradha
  • Ishika Gagneja as Ambika
  • Balaji Gauri as Sulekha Goenka
  • Manish Singh Verma as Arvind Mama


Track Bollywood songs :

No. Title                                                                                       Singer(s)

  1. Dhadak                                                   Ajay Gogavale, shreya Ghoshal
  2. Zingaat                                                   Ajay Gogavale , Atul Gogavale
  3. Pehil Baar                                                Ajay Gogavale
  4. Vaara Re                                                    AjayGogavale                                            Latest bollywood movies Dhadak Trailer:

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